Monday, April 6, 2009

My Long Absence

I know it has been a long time since I posted. Too long. I am sad to report my camera is broken and I cannot take pictures at this time, but I have some from others. However, here is an update on what is going on with us.

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Friends came over and made it a blast. Rhett and Kaylee are doing wonderfully in school, and Breyonna just can't wait to go! Ethen is my very own little pill who likes to keep me on my toes, but is a wonderful cuddler!!! Justin is still in school and working so hard to support our family. He is a wonderful blessing to me. And finally, I am working as a respite worker for a foster agency. That is about it for now, and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rhett's 5th Tooth

I felt Rhett's tooth one day and it was really loose, so I decided to pull it out. He was freaking out, and screaming when I touched it--even though it didn't hurt that badly--and after TWO whole pulls, the tooth was out! Easiest tooth pulled so far!!!

Kaylee, Ethen, and My Birthday

Gramma and Grampa came over a couple of weeks ago to give us all our birthday presents for October.
Ethen got this monkey folder with Color Wonder finger paints and a coloring book

And a Twister game with a beach towel
A train set!!!
And Kaylee got this princess set
And this Barbie,
And a Disney Fairies coloring set!
And I got this really cool counter top popcorn machine!!!!!
I was so excited I could not believe it, and we use it at least once a week!!!

Cake Time!!!

And now time for cake!!!

Ethen goes to blow out the candle, but when he inhales again,
The candle catches him on the lip!
Then finally he got it, with a little help from Mama
Then he enjoyed the cake

Caty and Ethen's Presents

Here's the kids waiting to open the presents
Caty got this cool bag
And Justin agreed
After a few more of Caty's presents, it was Ethens turn
He got a monkey rolling suitcase from Grammy with jammies and a blankie

Then Grammy got Ethen this huge lion. He loved it!!!

My Boys

Ethen loves his big brother so much, he likes to fall asleep on him
So here he is before,
And just a few minutes later.


My friend Kirsten got a cupcake book and she made these owl cupcakes, so she brought a family of owls over to us to eat. It took us about 5 days to actually eat them. They were too cute! But the eyeballs from the big owls got eaten after a day.

Rhett's Field Trip

About a week ago Rhett had his first second grade field trip to CAC to learn all about corn. It was a lot of fun, and Rhett definitely wants to go back again someday.
Here we are waiting to leave the school
When we got there, everyone got some popcorn and watched a cartoon
Then everyone got to sing some songs
Here is the teacher teaching how to make plastic out of corn products. It was really cool, and we got the recipe:
1. Place 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup
2. Add 4 drops of corn oil
3. Add 2 tablespoons of water
4. Stir
5. Add 4 drops of food color and stir again
6. Microwave for 50 seconds on high-you can pour into a mold dusted with cornstarch if you like
7. Cool slightly and push out of cup or mold
8. It should look like a muffin or the shape of the mold
Here is the next teacher teaching how corn used to be ground with rocks, how many kernels are typically on a corn cob-800 and how many rows they have-I don't remember, 20? Anyway, after she was done telling the history of corn, everyone got to grind their own corn-enough for one Cheeto
My hard little worker grinding away
Here's the corn Rhett ground all by himself
The next class was a cooking class on how to use corn products. She made Johnnycakes--soooo good!!!!

Then we took a lunch break and the moms visited
Here's my group waiting patiently to go through the maze
Entering the corn maze
Throughout the maze there were random facts about corn that all of the kids got to take turns reading to each other

When we got through the maze, the kids all got to pick 5 ears of corn to take home for decoration, or to turn into bird feed. The kids had so much fun!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Silence Really Is Golden

So we have a leak from the shower upstairs to the kitchen, and the guy-Paul-came out to treat the wood for "prolonged water damage". When he left, he had this green box, another green machine and a grey machine running in this room since last Friday. It has been non-stop noise for 5 days!!! But today, Paul came back and finally took that machine away. And now the kids are at Mom's and all I am listening to is the TV quietly. Ahhh...silence really is golden.


This week I am grateful for:

1. The thing being turned off and my house once again quiet
2. Mom and Dad coming home and taking the kids for a little while
3. My camera to capture the moments I don't ever want to forget
4. Teachers that are perfect for my children
5. Fall break next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Jam!!!

I spent Monday night canning some more peach jam.

Friday, October 3, 2008


It has been a very long time since I have done my gratefuls, so here they are:

1. Rhett finally learning to ride his bike
2. Ethen talking more and more every day, thanks to Ian
3. My husband helping me with the house--that one never gets old
4. Cooking for my family--I love it!
5. Learning how to can my own food--so much fun!!!

Learning To Ride

A couple of weeks ago I took Rhett out and gave him a little push. That was all that he needed to ride his bike on his own. Then we rode over to Grammy's house to show her. We were all so happy he learned how to ride his bike! He is doing much better--he can start without any pushing. Now all he has to do is master using his handle bars. He will head towards the curb and won't turn away--he just keeps on going until he runs right into it. It is kind of funny, actually.

I Love Canning!!!!

So I bought a case of Peaches and Michelle bought a case of tomatoes and we spent a couple of days canning. It was a couple of crazy days! Well, actually, only one. The other was so easy. While I was cutting the cilantro(gag me) for the salsa, I was using Michelle's brand new knife and cut a part of my finger off. So Michelle had to do most of the work!!! I felt so bad for that. We made salsa, crushed tomatoes, canned peaches and peach jam. It was all so good!!! And now, I am hooked on canning. I told Justin I want a pressure canner for my birthday that is just around the corner. He loves me, and I am sure he will get it for me--he always gives in eventually(wink, wink). If you want to learn more about canning, go to Canning USA.
Our first batch of peach jam was a little chuncky, but so pretty!

I Will Not Let This Go!!!

Ethen loves Breyonna's piano so much, he decided to sleep with it!!! When he was done playing, he pulled it closer onto him and promptly fell asleep. So cute!!!

Three Little Ducks In A Row